Our Story – Suburban Screens

Our Story

Having recently bought a newly built home with an air to water heat system, we were disappointed to find that the heat-pump was located just outside the door on our brand-new patio. We both instantly agreed that it was ugly & posed a real potential danger to our kids fingers.

Then on a rare sunny day & as we both sat outside having a drink, the fan kicked in, blowing cold air right at us. Enough was enough & the search began for a product to cover it only to find that there was nothing suitable available on the market.

So begins the journey of designing & manufacturing our own solution.

It had to be stylish, low maintenance, affordable & it could not restrict airflow. It was also important to us that it could stand-up to the Irish weather, this is why we decided to make it from a wood plastic composite (known as WPC)

WPC look and feels like wood. It is moisture & mould resistant meaning that it will not rot or decay & will never need to be painted.

Our heat-pump screens are designed to allow maximum air flow through the widely spaced and open angled louvres. These angled louvres also redirect the airflow downwards meaning you will never feel that cold breeze again !

Our screens are simple to install, taking anybody only 2 mins !